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Introduction to Manual Ligament Therapy


Research has revealed ligaments play significant role in pain / dysfunction. MLT is the one of the few techniques that recognizes this fact, while most other therapies normally address the muscles and tendons. With this advantage, MLT is often able to resolve both simple and difficult injuries and pathologies, quickly, with little or no discomfort to the recipient.
Invest in your career and learn how to address the muscular and fascial systems with Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT). Using the proprioceptive sensory qualities of ligaments, MLT relaxes hypertonic muscles and fascia immediately with very little effort on the part of the practitioner. Best of all, it is extremely gentle on the client.
Learn about the physiology behind this technique and leave with a good understanding about the role ligaments play in muscle and fascial dysfunction. In this basic level class you will learn to palpate the targeted ligaments needed for the application of Manual Ligament Therapy. Specifically you will learn pre- and post tests along with specific protocols for the neck, shoulders, hips and spine. Course content is geared towards healthcare professionals and athletic trainers.

Instructor: Joshua Morton, LMP, MAISS, MMLT
CE Contact Hours: 4 hours (WA, NCBTMB, BOC)

Joshua graduated Seattle Massage School in 1994 and immediately began working in rehabilitation. In 2003 Joshua began working with Aaron Mattes, developer of Active Isolated Stretching, accumulating over 2400 hours working with Aaron. Joshua has been an international educator to professionals for over 10 years. His teaching experience; combined with his devotion to and expertise with AIS places him among Aaron’s top therapists.
Recently, 2009, Joshua began mentorship with Arik Gohl, creator of Manual Ligament Therapy. He has pursued his education in this new technique to Master’s level. He and Arik now co-teach AIS and MLT classes around the country.


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Monday August 29 2PM – 6:15 PM (15-minute break)
Joshua Morton
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